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Seo – Google Page One Without Spending Lots of Money


Search Engine Optimisation is about getting to the top of the Search Engines (more info) , there are 2 ways to do this, with a COST PER CLICK option (such as Google Adwords) or an Organic solution.  A Cost per click solution is suitable for instant hits and appearing as soon as the campaign is set up.

There are of course ‘issues’ with using cost-per-click advertising, firstly, you need to be willing to spend various amounts of money for your clicks, and then secondly, how do you know a competitor is not clicking your advertisements?

If you get good SEO , you can get top listing outside of the sponsored ads without spending a fortune, or without having to pay regular amounts.  If you need an INSTANT CPC campaign then please visit our Google Adwords Page.


Google adwords can prove to be a bit costly, as well as the fact it is a re-occurring costs, something that as a business we would prefer to not have.  Organic SEO (also know as natural SEO) is something we strive on at Nixta Services. We believe that to have a website at the top of the search engines NATURALLY is the best (and proven!) method.

We prefer not to use underhand tactics, such as ‘hat tricks’ (white/grey/black hat), but rather get the website right and ranking correctly to the way to the search engine algorithms require.


Using the term “Bouncy Castle Hire Weston-super-Mare” in Google search engine, which would be what anyone within Weston-super-Mare would type looking to hire a bouncy castle in their area we found the following results.

Top of Google With Nixta Services

Studying these results we see that 2 of the top 3 are in the ‘adwords box’ and the 3rd one is naturally at the top, the 3rd one being “Weston Bounce” one of our clients, who has lots of local competition to remain at the top of the search engines naturally.  As a matter of interest the 2 appearing in the paid adwords box are not local and the quotes come in at almost 4 times the cost of true bouncy castle hire in Weston-super-Mare.

It is also a good chance to point out that most modern day browsers (especially modern phones) have ‘ad stop’ plugins which automatically hide banner ads, google ads and other intrusive advertisements, thus making the natural results be the only ones showing.

It is also worth noting that more and more people actually create accounts with Google (such as Gmail and Google+) meaning that Google already KNOWS where the client is searching from some call it privacy invasion, some call it helpful.  In the diagram below we login to Google and also switch on our adblock software, this time using only the term “bouncy castle hire” :-

Adblock free google ads top spot

As you can see the results are the same, the client remains at the top of the page !


Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. Inbound links were originally important (prior to the emergence of search engines) as a primary means of web navigation; today their significance lies in search engine optimization (SEO).

People make the mistake of assuming this means that the more their website address is plastered about over the internet, the higher their search engine ranking, this is NOT true, and can lead to something known as ‘spamming’.  Spamming means intrusive unwelcome messages, albeit by email or on internet pages, such as forums, social networks and other websites.

backlinks to your website with nixtaAlthough it may not sound like it there is a HUGE difference between spamming and backlinking, for instance if you run a tiling company in Bristol and someone on a web page is asking for local tiler in Bristol contacts then you would not be wrong in giving them your tiler in Bristol website link , with a short description of whom the tiler is and the areas served.  This is a genuine backlink and not considered spam, however if someone were asking “Which Airline Should I use to go to Australia?” and you were to answer with a website about a Caravan in Brean, this is considered spam. Basically if you are off-topic or have no reason to be pasting your URL , then its spam.

Search engines ‘crawl’ (or spider) through sites all the time, if they come across a backlink for your website it gives you a VERY SMALL push in the search engine rankings, it DOES NOT mean you will be top.  Search engine algorithms are getting very clever and they can see the difference between backlinks and spam. Bear in mind too that people reporting your domain for spamming their forums/chatrooms/emails and so on is likely to end with many major search engines REMOVING YOU FROM THEIR LISTINGS!.


This is a GREAT tool for not only creating back links, but to share with the world what is happening in your company or business at the moment. Again, just pasting your site in your FaceBook profile and other groups/pages is likely to (1) Annoy your FaceBook friends (2) Have people report you for spam (3) blacklist your domain.

Have a look what Nixta Services can do for you and why you should choose Nixta for your Social Networking.


Why not include a company blog on your website, to keep your customers up to date with your company going ons, (this can be linked to your Social Networking sites- so everything updates at once!), although this is fantastic for social interaction within your website, it is also MASSIVE BONUS POINTS for your search engine rankings, as if you blog regulary enough then the search engines start to think of you as a ‘news resource’ because of the amount of fresh content your blog produces (if it is specific to your field of business then it is the LOTTERY of blogs!).  When the search engines look at your site as a resource they cant wait to tell the world!

blog for seo

You can run your own blog easily (you must allocate a few minutes a day/week) or Nixta can run your blog for you, and even create blog content for your field of business/interest or we can create automated rss feed fetchers to use other peoples content from relevant resources (A company selling safety equipment may wish to report on the HSE (health and safety exec) latest news too).

If the thought of adding a blog to your business website seems unprofessional to you then how about using a personal blog, (blogging your day to life and musings) to post yours (and maybe others for cash!!) backlinks, Nixta can set you up a blog linked in with automated FaceBook and Twitter updates, fully customised to suit your needs for as little as £79.99 (contact us for more info). Who knows you could even become an online celebrity !


Nixta Internet Services, can create a small search engine optimisation campaign for you , pushing your rankings naturally to the top.  You can see from our examples that with careful planning and a good choice of common keywords it is entirely possible to make sure that YOU are at the top of your rankings.

No company should promise you a number one spot, this is not even legal!  Once your rankings begin you will receive more and more sales calls (some even claiming to be from Google!) we advise you to kindly ask these people not to contact you, as they will be bouncing off the fact that your ranking IS ALREADY increasing because of us, and will want to take the ‘glory’ for your soon to be top spot, so here is the truth “We cannot guarantee number one listing”, however you can see by our above examples that our search engine optimisation WORKS.


Costs are job specific – Please feel free to contact us