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Create A FaceBook Fan Page Business Page



Facebook pages are GREAT for interacting with your customers, potential customers and general ‘fans’ of the company it is representing, in your case you currently have ’31’ ‘fans’ , everytime you post a status update all 31 ‘fans’ receive this on their walls… (The core element of FaceBook) – The wall being the ‘HUB’ of everything FaceBook (all your friends status updates and page updates).  Encouraging your friends, family, customers and contacts to ‘like’ your Facebook page will keep them informed of the information you supply.  The other advantage being that all THEIR FaceBook contacts ‘see’ their like and may follow the like themselves…
Admins of FaceBook pages will post as the page (showing as a post from the company page (not the poster)) , thus to have a FaceBook page you must have someone you trust to run the page (or us at Nixta Services) who we can make ‘page admin’ (once we hand responsibility to another admin we will no longer administrate the page ourselves)