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About Nixta Services

Our creations simply work!  Every project is unique and tailored to every customers request and desires, a good project is a happy customer, a happy customer means a happy team and a happy team is a productive one!

We thrive on creative projects, exciting technology, behind the scenes code and completed works. We keep our clients in the loop throughout the design and development process. A clients knowledge of their business, their feedback and their generation of content are vital to the success of our projects.

We are situated in Weston-super-Mare, with staff and contractors around the world (as far as Australia!), from basic website artwork to customised Photoshop images, from logo design to intricate planning layouts, we have ‘someone for the job’ , we only ever take on as much work as we can handle, which means non-overloaded staff, and no rushed projects!

One of the key factors that we all believe in is customers should not have to pay through the nose for internet business solutions, we are not a company who will charge you thousands of pounds for work that takes a few hours, and most of our projects already include lots of ‘extras’ that other companies will charge you bigger money for.  People hear companies brag of being the most cost effective, but now you have found a company that can SAVE YOU £1000 ON AVERAGE , with most websites in the £100 – £200 price range COMPLETE and ON-LINE!

There are many reasons to use us at Nixta Services, the most common reason being the great savings you make, once you overcome the excitement of saving so much money, you are then faced with the fact that your project gets the results you wanted without it costing more, we are not a believer in ‘hidden extras’.


Our customers do our advertising for us – truth is, each customer is so happy with their projects that we are always recommended to business friends, relations and contacts.  You will always have a point of contact with a technician, designer or coder, who can also speak in basic terms with you, we will NOT fry you with technical talk.

Lets be honest in bigger companies whom have a sales team, is a case of “the brain not knowing what the body is doing” an experience that when the customer has explained everything to the sales team, they then have a designer contact them and go through it ALL again.

You will have a first point of contact and then we will take action, you wont be repeating yourself for every department, we know all our customers, their needs and their projects, on a personal level as well as business.

So thats us , Nixta Services, website designers, SEO & marketing, we’ve also dabbled with VPS, BNC, IRC Servers, VOIP and basic COMs. We have many inspiring projects, we ALWAYS have plans for the future, we continue to achieve and grow.